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Monday, September 7, 2009

First Windows on Symbian S60 Device


Using new version of DOSBox you can allocate up to 12MB RAM for Windows 3.1 on Nokia 95-1 or similar phones. Also you can disable standard Windows Shell (Program manager) and use only Calmira II.

1. Do all steps from instruction.
2. Edit 'e:\Data\dosbox.conf' file and change memsize=8 or more.
3. Edit 'e:\Data\dosbox.conf' file ane change end line to:

c:\windows\ /s

4. Edit 'e:\Data\Windows\system.ini' file to include:




I. DOSBox v0.72 for Symbian by kolijoco (release 20090305)

1. Uninstall previous DOSBox versions.
2. Unpack 'DOSBox_s60.rar' archiwe to your Memory Card
3. Install ALL aplication from 'Install' directory.
4a. Install 'dosbox.sisx' on Nokia N95-2, N82 or similar (with 128 MB RAM).
4b. Install 'dosbox_slim.sisx' on Nokia N95-1 or similar (less RAM mamory).

II. Windows 3.1 for Symbian (included Norton Commander 5)

1. Unpack 'Win31en.rar' archive to your Memory Card.
2. Run installed DOSBox.

III. changes from release 1.0:

- Added MCGA (320x200) Driver
- Added Win32s v1.30c with OLE

IV. Suggestions

1. To change DOSBox allocated 2MB RAM edit line 'memsize=2' in file 'e:\Data\dosbox.conf'.
2. If your mobile phone have enough RAM memory you can install Sound Blaster 16 driver:
Control Panel -> Drivers -> Add -> Creative Lab Sound Blaster 1.5 -> RestartV. Using T9 Keypad

Receive Call (Green) - Switching Mode
End Call (Red) - Exit from DOSBox
Pen Key – Shift
Delete (C) – Backspace
Thumb Pad - Arrow Keys, Enter
Right Key – Escape
Left Key – Space

Mode 1:

First line keys = a d g j m p t w space
First line keys + Pen =: A D G J M P T W space
Second line keys + * = b e h k n q u x .
Second line keys + * = Pen + * B E H K N Q U X
Third line keys + # = c f i l o r v y \
Third line keys + Pen + # = C F I L O R V Y
Fourth line keys + 1 = s z
Fourth line keys + Pen + 1 = S Z

Mode 2:

Numbers = 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
Numbers + Pen = ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( )

Mode 3:

Thumb Pad - Moving mouse
* = Right mouse button# = Left mouse button
Screenshot from installation:

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Nokia N97 : Format / Hard Reset On Bootup

Nokia N97 : Format / Hard Reset On BootupIts always a good idea to do a format once every few month or even when you first get your new s60 device.

theres 2 ways to do a hard format to the device memory:

1). once the device is powered on and at the home screen type *#7370# and then enter your security code (default is 12345) and then your device will restart and reset.

2-a). to hard reset when the device is off hold down the green call key, the number 3 key and the *+ key then continue to hold the keys and now hold the power key, hold all 4 keys untill the devicce boots upp and asks for the country etc.Diagram
*NOTE if you own a nokia 5800 XM then the second option is:

2-b). hold the green and red call keys, the camera capture key and then the power key, hold them untill the device boots up and asks for country etc.5800XM Diagram

*NOTE if you own a nokia n97 then the second option is:

2-c). Hold the left shift key, the spacebar and the back key then the power key, hold them until the device asks for the country etc.N97 Diagram

If your device fails to boot up or gives a contact the retailer message then a hard format on boot will usualy sort the problem.

WARNING doing a hard reset will DELETE all user data on the device memory, including contacs, calendar entries and any apps etc you have installed to C: drive, your mass memory/memory card will remain unafected so any data will still be there, however you may have to reinstall some apps even if they are installed to mass mem/mem card.



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48 NEW THEMES FOR [5800 N97 5530 i8910 Omnia Idou] SYMBIAN S60v5

48 NEW THEMES FOR [5800 N97 5530 i8910 Omnia Idou] SYMBIAN S60v5

48 NEW THEMES FOR [5800 N97 5530 i8910 Omnia Idou] SYMBIAN S60v5

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High Quality Nature Wallpaper

High Quality Nature Wallpaper Pack


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Animated gif 240x320

Animated gif 240x320
FILES 100 +
Here is animated gif pack for mobiles with high quality result.

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310 Mobile Screen SWF

Here are screen savers for all mobiles. Clocks are also included.

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19 Slected Islamic Ringtones

19 Slected Islamic Ringtones






Al-Asr ( The Time ).mp3

Al-Falaq ( The Daybreak ).mp3

Al-Fil ( The Elephant ).mp3

Al-Humazah ( The Slanderer ).mp3

Al-Ikhlas ( Sincerity ).mp3




kamaluddinpromo-in the name of Allah.mp3


Mola ya salle wasallam.mp3



Ya taiba.mp3


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