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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

De Dana Dan Ringtones

De Dana Dan Ringtones

All songs are super duper Hits. Specially Paisa Paisa (Main Barish Kardon Pesey ki, Jo tu Hojaye Meri)

Stars: Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Sunil Shetty

De Dana Dan MP3 Rigntones:

01. Baamulaza
02. Baamuliaza (Raga Mix)
03. Bamulaiza (Remix)
04. De Danaa Dan
05. Galle Lag Ja
06. Gale Lagg Ja (V2)
07. Hoty Naughty
08. Hotty Naughty (Remix)
09. Paisa
10. Paisa (Club ReMix)
11. Rishte Nate
12. Rishte Natey (Remix)

De Dana Dan Wav Rigntones:

01. Bamulaiza
02. Baamulaeza (Ragga Mix)
03. Baamuleaza (Remix)
04. De Dana Dan Song
05. Gale Lag Jaa
06. Galey Lagg Ja (Version 2)
07. Hoty Naugty
08. Hotty Naughty (Remix)
09. Paaisa
10. Paisaa (Club Mix)
11. Rishte Nate
12. Rishte Naatey (Remix)

Tum Mile Movie 2009 Mp3 Ringtones

Tum Mile Movie 2009 Mp3 Ringtones

Tum Mile Ringtones:



Pc Suite for China Mobiles with Drivers

Pc Suite for China Mobiles with Drivers

Pc Suite for china mobiles devices along with drivers……

1) Install China Pc Suite first.

2) Connect mobile phone to pc. Select Com from three options display on the

phone. Windows will ask to install. Install driver. If required, pont to .inf file.(Drivers Included).

Now it is ready to connect phone to PC.

Enjoy. Get help from the help icon of PC suite.

Update :

1. Copy the driver in to the main installation folder
2. Then run setup.exe and its done

Driver folder is included if you get any error you might not have copied driver folder to the original setup folder.

Download Link: Pc Suite China Mobile

Driver Download : PC suite driver

Secret Codes Of Nokia

Secret Codes Of Nokia

To check the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) :


Information you get from the IMEI :



TAC = Type approval code
FAC = Final assembly code
SNR = Serial number
SP = Spare

To check the phone Software Version (Firmware) :


Information you get from the it : (eg)

V 5.0604.0

1ST Line = Software Version (Firmware)
2ND Line = The date of the software release
3RD Line = Phone type

Displays Bluetooth (BT) Device Address :


Displays MAC address of the WLAN adapter :

This is available only in the newer devices that support WLAN.

To enter the service menu :


Displays Serial number (IMEI).
Displays Production date (MM/YY).
Displays Purchase date (MM/YY). You can only enter the date once.
Displays Date of last repair (0000=No repair).
The next screen has Transfer User Data.
To exit this menu, turn the phone off and then back on.

Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR) :

Enhanced Full Rate will give you much better sound quality when you enable it. The new Enhanced Full Rate CODEC adopted by GSM uses the ASELP (AlgebraicCode Excitation Linear Prediction) compression technology. This technology allows for much greater voice quality in the same number of bits as the older Full Rate CODEC. The older technology was called LPC-RPE (Linear Prediction Coding with Regular Pulse Excitation). Both operate at 13 kilobits.(but you take up more space on the network, so they can charge you more). Also this improves call quality but decreases battery life by about 5%.

EFR will be activated after a reboot of the phone (consumes more power).

EFR will be switched off after a reboot of the phone.

Half Rate Codec (HR) :

Half Rate will give you bad sound quality, which gives the service provider the opportunity to have more calls on the network; and you might get a lower charge from them. (Will give you 30% longer talk-time).

Half Rate coded will be activated after a reboot of the phone (better standby time).

Half Rate coded will be de-activated after a reboot of the phone.

Clock Stopping :


To check if the Sim-Clock can be Stopped. This option is dependant on your service provider network. (Sim-clock-stop is a kind of standby mode which will save battery time).


Note - If you bought your Nokia on UK Vodafone or UK Cellnet you do not need to check this because they both transmit on GSM900, and they don't lock the phones. However if you bought your phone on UK Orange or UK One2one your phone may be blocked. The reason is that they both transmitt on GSM1800. To make a call on GSM1800 you need what is known as a "Dual band" phone. A dual band phone is able to transmit on both GSM900 and GSM1800, so they lock the phones so you can't use it with any other network simcard. If you find that your phone is locked you can try different software to unlock it or you can ask your service provider who will gladly exchange the 10 digit code for a price.

This is how to check the status of the 4 different locks. Also don't try entering the wrong number, because after 3 times it will block the phone for good.

There are 4 different locks on your Nokia phone :


The code to read out the sim-lock status of your phone is :



The master code is a secret code. The code has 10 digits. It must be computed with a program e.g. SmartDCT4Calc and/or DCT 4 code Calculator from IMEI etc.

"Y" Shows the status of the network-lock. Here you can enter a number from "1" to "4". The "4" is for the sim-card lock.



Detail About Your Phone Os (Operating System)

Detail About Your Phone Os (Operating System)

Symbian OS software written for the S60 Platform 1st edition (S60v1) or 2nd edition (S60v2) is not binary compatible with S60 3rd edition (S60v3), because it uses a new, hardened version of the Symbian OS (v9.1).

Series 60 Version 1.0, based on Symbian OS 6.1

* Nokia 7650 (development name Calypso)

Series 60 1st Edition (Version 1.2), based on Symbian OS 6.1

* Nokia 3600
* Nokia 3620 (GSM 850/1900 successor of the 3650)
* Nokia 3650
* Nokia 3660 (GSM 900/1800/1900 successor of the 3650)
* Nokia N-Gage and N-Gage QD
* Samsung SGH-D700
* Sendo X
* Sendo X2
* Siemens SX1

Series 60 2nd Edition (Version 2.0), based on Symbian OS 7.0s

Contains new features like J2ME/MIDP 2.0 support and themes

* Nokia 6600 (development name Calimero)
* Samsung SGH-D710

Series 60 2nd Edition, Feature Pack 1 (Version 2.1), based on Symbian OS 7.0s

* Nokia 3230
* Nokia 6260
* Nokia 6620
* Nokia 6670
* Nokia 7610
* Panasonic X700
* Panasonic X800

Series 60 2nd Edition, Feature Pack 2 (Version 2.6), based on Symbian OS version 8.0a

Symbian 8.x has support for WCDMA (GSM 3G) and cdma2000 networks.

* Nokia 6630
* Nokia 6680
* Nokia 6681
* Nokia 6682

Series 60 2nd Edition, Feature Pack 3 (Version 2.8.), based on Symbian OS version 8.1a

* Nokia N70
* Nokia N72
* Nokia N90

S60 3rd Edition (Version 3.0), based on Symbian OS version 9.1

* Nokia 3250
* Nokia 5500
* Nokia E50
* Nokia E60
* Nokia E61
* Nokia E62
* Nokia E70
* Nokia N71
* Nokia N80
* Nokia N91
* Nokia N92
* Nokia N93
* Nokia N73

S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1 (Version 3.1), based on Symbian OS version 9.2

* LG JoY
* Nokia 6290
* Nokia N95
* Samsung SGH-i520


* N 97
* Nokia 5800
* Nokia 5230
* Nokia 5530
* Samsung i8910

* Sony Ericsson Satio


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