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Thursday, September 10, 2009




Mr. Bean Ringtones For Mobile Phones

16 Mr. Bean Ringtones Mp3 3.37mb

* 2 Tone Ring
* A New Message
* Answer The Phone
* Big Ben
* Bring Bring
* Excuse Me, Answer The Phone
* Hello & Laugh
* Hello, In Your Pocket
* It’s In Your Bag
* Nokia Tune
* Pick Up The Phone
* Shut Up
* Someone’s Calling
* Stop & Answer
* The Name Is Bean
* William Tell Overture

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SkyFire - The best mobile browsing experience

Watch any video

YouTube, Hulu, any web video - you name it - it's playing on Skyfire. Skyfire is the only mobile browser that supports full Flash and Windows Media videos, including Flash 10 and Silverlight 2.0.

Share instantly

Easily share what you find on the web or what you are up to. Post web pages and status updates to Facebook and Twitter, with one click!

Blazing fast

Skyfire fires up fast and web pages load quickly. Don’t take our word for it, check out this showdown by Laptop Magazine.

Stay connected

Follow your friends' Facebook and Twitter updates plus keep track of news, sports, video and other content in your own customizable activity feed

Browse any page

Browse your favorite websites on Skyfire exactly like you do on your PC. No compromises! We’re the only mobile browser to support all major Web 2.0 standards – Ajax, Javascript, Flash 10 – it just works.

Windows Live Messenger v5.502.1003 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 SignedLive

Windows Live Messenger v5.502.1003 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 SignedLive

Through mobile MSN, you may enjoy the free service which immediately provides to Live, not only provides chats immediately the service, but also has provided hotmail, Spaces for you, gateway information and so on a series of splendid Internet service. Latest mobile MSN has comprehensive synchronized PC function, supports local searches, anytime and anywhere synchronization your life!

Personality portrait

The handset can also play very plays the individuality, comprehensive synchronized PC the messenger personalization head picture, may establish through the mobile photograph as from the definition head picture, show leaves your style anytime and anywhere

File transfer

Supports in the mobile each type document transmission, shares the mobile resources comprehensively. The optimized photograph transmission, the recording transmission function lets you and good friend's communication has the interest, the sharing splendid quarter.

Friend groups + Search

Comprehensive synchronized PC the messenger function, supports the good friend grouping as well as the search good friend, the Internet and the handset seamless conformity new experience lets the communication becomes relaxed effective

MSN mobile portal

Mailbox, space, information, book city, game ......Online lives a spot to pass, enjoys the inconvenience which and the splendor heartily the "one-stop" work style service brings, is the fashion moist person


Interacts based on the Messenger entertainment to communicate the platform, a series of interactive game helps you to know the friend, the relaxed entertainment, the share is joyful!

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ASGATech Quran v3.03 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned Full-TgSPDA

ASGATech Quran v3.03 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned Full-TgSPDA

Read the full Holy Quran in Othmani font, search for words, bookmark any Ayah or Sura using a multi-lingual interface, listen to the Quran narrated by famous Reciters like AlHudhaifi, Al Sudais& Al Shuraim Easy way of Quran memorization with a user generated memorization table based on his ability& the amount user wants to memorize Quran Tajweed where users can view the recitation rules in colors User can download the Quran audio files directly to the mobile or use the Quran Audio PC tool

Main Features :

  1. Friendly and comfortable user interface that conveys the Arabic and Islamic look and feel
  2. Holy Quran in digitized Othmani font (El Medina font style) and Medina Moshaf look and feel (Chapters marks, Sajda Marks, etc)
  3. The ability to download the Quran audio files by ASGATech Quran Audio Downloader
  4. Quran Tajweed: The ability to learn the Quran Tajweed by a colored copy of the Holy Quran for each word for explaining the right rules of recitation
  5. Search in the scope of Verse, Sura, or the whole Quran and the ability to search by exact word or by part of the word
  6. Quran Memorization: The ability to set any verse or group of verses to listen to them in any time defined before
  7. The ability to go to Verse or Sura
  8. Unlimited list of favorite Verses, stamped by descriptions of Sura and Verse
  9. The ability to listen to famous Reciters like "Al-Hudhaifi" for the whole Quran
  10. The ability to save the last reading position by the bookmark
  11. Checking for an updated version on ASGATech server via GPRS – Wi-Fi
  12. Explanation of the Holy Quran with the ability to add or remove any Explanation's plug-in.
  13. Read the explanation for the selected Aya, Sura or the whole Quran continuously.
  14. The ability to switch on/off the backlight from the application settings
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