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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

550 Abstract Mobile Wallpapers 240x320

550 Abstract Mobile Wallpapers 240x320

50 Romantic Animation Wallpaper (240×320)

50 Romantic Animation Wallpaper (240×320)

How to install applications in your iPod/iPhone

How to install applications in your iPod/iPhone

Hello, this is supposed to be a support thread for the "usual steps" to make when installing a cracked app.


You need a jailbroken iPhone/Pod with firmware 2.X (instructions can be found in a lot forums in the net)
You need a SSH server running on it. The most common is openSSH and it can be found on Cydia.

1) Download and extract the app from the supplied links
2) Upload your app to the /Applications folder of your iPhone.
3) Set the permissions of the app to 755 recursively.
4) Create a folder called “Documents” in /var/mobile/ and set permission to 777.
5) Create a folder called “Documents” in the /Applications folder and set permissions
to 777.
This will fix the Disk Full error message seen when launching the game.
6) Reboot your Device.

SSH using the terminal.

This instructions are for those of you that feel comfortable around the terminal.

1) First you should find your device's IP. Under Settings->Wi-Fi-> Your Network

2) Then we copy the app to your phone using the scp utility.

#Assuming your app is in your desktop.#Password is alpine by defaultscp -r ~/Desktop/ root@your.device.ip:/Applications/

3) Then we go into the device and make the dirs, chmod as needed

ssh root@
#root@'s password:
cd /Applications
chmod -R 755
mkdir Documents
chmod 777 Documents/
cd /var/mobile/
mkdir Documents
chmod 777 Documents/
#Now respring with
killall SpringBoard

If the app still doesn't appear reboot your device.

SSH using Transmit

Connect to your device using SFTP.

The default password is alpine

Go to / and then Applications

Copy your app there and then change the permissions to 755 using the get info command.

Press Apply to enclosed items.

Create and change the permissions of the necessary folders using the same steps.

Now respring your device.

You have two options.

1. paste this in your terminal.

ssh root@your.device.ip killall SpringBoard

2. Install a Respring utility from Cydia.

Everything should be working now, if not try rebooting your device.

Hints If the file you downloaded is a .ipa instead of a .app you can extract the .app from there.
Rename the .ipa to .zip and unarchive it.There should be a "Payload" folder, inside there should be the .app, just ssh it over and your done.

How to install Applications on iPhone/iPodtouch using the IPA-Method

This is my preferred method cause once modified you can use iTunes to manage all the apps.

1) Using SSH (over Terminal or Transmit (Cyberduck)), on iPhone navigate to the folder:


2) Backup the file "MobileInstallation" from the directory above

3) Download this patched file -

4) Copy the patched file over to:


5) Set permissions to that new file to 775

6) Some of the apps need a Documents folder in the root and mobile partition:Create a

"Documents" folder in "/Applications" and "/var/mobile" and set permissions to 777.

7) Reboot your iPhone - Important! Otherwise your Apps will not install!

8) Simply start iTunes on your Mac and than drag and drop your cracked IPA's to the "Program list".

9) Sync your iPhone/iPodTouch with iTunes

iPhone PC Suite

iPhone PC Suite

Here are some key features of "iPhone PC Suite"

New Functions:

1.Support iTunes 9

2. Added support for .deb apps in Apps management

3. Added important data auto-backup function

4. Added eMagazines multiple tasks download and download management functions in Books management

5. Added “cancel current theme” function in Themes management

6. Added installed apps list backup and restoration functions in Backup & Recovery

7. Added search function in List view of Calendar management, supporting search by title, address or remarks

8. Support drag-and-drop to automatically create “new event” in Week and Day view of Calendar

9. Support double-clicking to create “new event” in Month view of Calendar

10. Added left and right arrow button in Month, Week and Day view of Calendar, allowing users to switch time backward and forward by clicking them

11. Added grouping by day function with event type shown in List view of Calendar

Function Improvements:

1. Improved the Month, Week, Day and List view, interface and operation in Calendar

2. Improved the date ActiveX of event editing in Calendar, supporting selecting date and modifying time

3. In Day and Week view of Calendar, applied new background color in event area when the label is scrolled close to current time automatically

4. In Record Manager, added support for filtering voice memo whose duration is 0 when you are importing voice memos

5. In SMS management, added contacts sorting, and search type display in the search box

6. In Books management, added sorting by file name

7. Adopted “Hour” as the unit of auto-update time of subscribed RSS news

8. In SMS chat, search and filter functions are supported whilst you are adding contacts

9. Automatically check and fix the SMS grouping problems occurred when you are sending or managing SMS

10. Added “SMS” button in SMS chat, allowing you to access SMS management function quickly

11. In Books management, auto-split won’t be done by default any more when you are adding new books

12. Other improvements

Bug Fixes:

1. Fixed the problem that the program may crash when you are adding book name and the name you enter is too long

2. Fixed the problem that the display of voice memo duration may be inaccurate

3. Fixed the problem that books may not be imported from iPhone successfully when you are conducting “One-key Transfer”

4. Fixed the problem that picture editing and deleting may not be successfully conducted in full-screen preview mode of Pictures management

5. Fixed the problem that some pictures may keep rotating in full-screen preview mode of Pictures management

6. Fixed the problem that the sender and receiver may be reversed in dialogue box mode of SMS exporting

7. Fixed the problem that the window that reminds you to close the program may still pop up when you turn off the phone

8. And some other bug fixes


Version :
Requirements :1.0.1,1.0.2,1.1.1,1.1.2,1.1.3,1.1.4,2.0,2.0.1,2.0.2,2.1,2.2,2.2.1,3.0,3.0.1
Size : 27490 kb
Added : 2009.09.15
License: Free

iPhone Ringtone Maker 2.1.3

iPhone Ringtone Maker 2.1.3

Mail for Exchange 2.9.158 [5800 N97 5530 5230 Omnia Idou] S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Signed

Mail for Exchange 2.9.158 [5800 N97 5530 5230 Omnia Idou] S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Signed

Mail for Exchange is the name of Nokia's email client built on Microsoft's ActiveSync technonology. Mail for Exchange provides push synchronization of email and other data between Microsoft Exchange and Nokia devices.

The new version of Mail for Exchange is not an incremental update but instead, a big step forward for this free email application.

For the first time Mail for Exchange now includes support for features available on Microsoft Exchange 2007.

So if you are in luck, and your company uses Exchange 2007 you have a few additional useful features.

Ability to set up Out of the Office auto-reply notifications from your Nokia device. In my opinion, this is probably the best feature of this release. A few of us have probably forgot to turn on the "out of office" function when we have rushed out on Friday afternoon when going on vacation. Or perhaps realized on the way to the airport, before a long trip, that we forgot to turn on the out-of-office auto replay. Well, no more booting up the laptop to set up out-of-office you can do it directly from your device.

However, finding this new function is a bit tricky. I expected the out-of-office function to show up in the calendar but it is not.

Instead, it is part of your Mail for Exchange profile. You need to go to the MfE application in the MfE folder, and then go to "edit profile" and buried deep in the settings for "profile" is out of office.

But once you find the feature it is dead easy to set up.

My second favourite feature of MfE 2.5 is support for "Follow-Up" flags so that you can see flags on the device for emails that have been flagged on the server. It is also possible to Clear flag, Flag complete and set Follow up from the device.

Mail for Exchange 2.5 also introduces a number of Mailbox policies which will make all the IT administrators of Exchange happy.

For an example, the administrator can allow or disallow simple passwords such as “12345” or “1111”. Similarly, the administrator can define the length of time a password can be used before it must be changed and also define the number of old passwords to be saved so that user can not reuse them.

These features might not seem so important for an end user but makes all the difference to the group of hard working administrators who has the thankless task of supporting us all with our email issues.

The number of supported device models has also grown. Mail for Exchange 2.5 naturally supports all Eseries devices and a number of Nseries device. MfE 2.5 supports these new devices

Nokia N78, Nokia N96, Nokia 6124 and Nokia 6220.

The release also contains a number of bug fixes - that goes without saying. But there is one more change. Mail for Exchange now comes in multiple installation files, depending on the version of Symbian on your Nokia device.

S60 3.0 - First generation Eseries i.e. E50, E60, E61(i) E62, E65, E70, N73 etc.

S60 3.1 - Some Eseries and many Nseries i.e. E51, E90, N81 8GB, N82, N95, N95 8GB

S60 3.2 - Nseries devices i.e. N78, N96, 6124, 6220 classic

Once again, please note that the above features require Microsoft Exchange 2007 server. If you / your company is using a previous version of Microsoft Exchange as your email server, the above features will not be available.



99 Names of Allah Symbian S60v5

99 Names of Allah Symbian S60v5

The 99 names of Allah.

An application dedicated to Allah, The Most Merciful.


·Symbian S60 5th Edition




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