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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Trick to free up your N73's phone memory C: by 5MB...

Trick to free up your N73's phone memory C: by 5MB...


  1. Hack your phone..Disable Plat security by CapsOff
  2. Go to C:/private/102072c4 folder You will find a file named "reserved " of size 4.76MB
  3. Delete it (Dont hesitate)
  4. Congrats you've recovered ~5MB memory
  5. CapsOn

    why we Kicking this file out?

    This reserved file is for FOTA (firmware over the air), and we wont need it as we never get any FOTA updates.It does eventually come back at times..most probably when you use the Device mgr. So at those times u can delete it again...Deleting this file will not affect your phone...I tested and using my N73 without any prob..

    Warning: If you Wish, make a backup of the file in your Memory Card.

5 Tips to Make Your Cell Phone Battery Last Longer

5 Tips to Make Your Cell Phone Battery Last Longer

Reducing power consumption helps fight global warming

Batteries can have a much longer life, if people follow just a few simple tips on how to save their power

Modern mobile phones have numerous applications installed, as well as a bunch of other features, including photo cameras, blitzes, Bluetooth devices and others. All these accessories take up large amounts of electricity from the battery, prompting users to recharge them more often. This consumes a lot of electric energy, placing unnecessary strain on power plants, to supply more juice.

Using energy-saving settings is a great way of reducing the overall electrical consumption of your phone, especially if you turn off the back light, which accounts for the depletion of the battery to a great extent. Screen-savers are also huge power drains, as they animate the screen even when the phone is still in the pocket.

New photo editing software, built into most mobile phones, are undoubtedly a great way of fine-tuning a photo on the spot, freshly after the moment it was taken. But using the blitz and the included pieces of software places great strain on the battery, which may need recharging after a couple of hours playing with these accessories. A good way to avoid this is by taking pictures in sunny spots, where additional lights are not required, and editing them at home.

Usually, if you stop an average guy on the street and take his phone, you will notice it has Bluetooth and WiFi turned on, as well as GPS, e-mail applications and several feeds, for the weather, sports results, news and whatnot. Turning all these applications off once you've finished working with them is a great way to save power. Also, when on the move, turn off the phone completely, as there's no signal anyway, and it takes a lot of power for the device to look for a connection.

Headsets are another one of life's little wonders, especially in a crowded place, where movements such as reaching inside your pocket are impossible. But you don't necessarily need a Bluetooth device for that; corded headphones work just as well. In fact, they might save you from curious glances, which are inevitably drawn to you when people think you're talking to yourself.

The next step is the easiest one – simply take care of the battery physically. Its contacts may become covered in dust or other such stuff, so cleaning them once in a while might prove to be an excellent idea. The link between the phone and the battery itself will be near perfect, and the amounts of electricity the battery will need to generate will be much smaller.


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