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Monday, November 16, 2009

How to make your own iPhone Ringtone and transfer it to your iPhone directly?

How to make your own iPhone Ringtone and transfer it to your iPhone directly?

Here are the steps:
  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Find the song (audio file) that you want to make into a ringtone.
  3. Decide the part of the song you'd like to use as your ringtone and make a note of the start and stop times of the song.
  4. Right-click the song and select Get Info and click the Options tab.
  5. Type in the start time of your ringtone in the Start Time text box in the minutes:seconds format. (ex. 3:41)
  6. Type in the end time of your ringtone inthe Stop Time text box. (Make sure the ringtone is no more than 40 seconds)
  7. Click OK. then Right-click the song again and select Convert Selection to AAC. Wait for iTunes to convert your song. It will create a duplicate file.
  8. Right-click the ringtone and select Delete.
  9. Click to you see the option to Keep Files.
  10. Find the file under Music > iTunes > iTunes Music and under the band's/artist's name. It will have an extension of "m4a."
  11. Replace the m4a extension of your ringtone with m4r. You can either double-click slowly to rename your file, or right-click and select Get Info on a Mac or Rename on a Windows PC.
    Note: If you are unable to rename the extension then go to Tools > Folder Options > View > and temporarily uncheck "Hide Extensions for know file types".
  12. Click use .m4r or and ignore any warnings about changing.
  13. Double-click the ringtone file. iTunes will automatically add it to your ringtones folder in your iTunes Music Library.
  14. Connect your iPhone and sync your ringtones. It should now be available on your iPhone.
If you are having trouble syncing, find the ringtone in your Ringtones folder and change the extension back to .M4A, then attempt to sync again. Then instead of deleting it, you can also drag the newly converted ringtone to your desktop from iTunes.

This will not work with songs bought from the iTunes store or that have DRM (copy protection). It's probably best to rip the song from a CD you own. Also, this may not work with the latest version of Leopard.


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